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What is Sugarcane Plastic Tube ?

April 16, 2024

Latest company case about What is Sugarcane Plastic Tube ?

Sugarcane Plastic Tube Packaging



Fossil fuels not only cause serious carbon dioxide pollution but also are disappearing at an alarming rate, how to obtain alternatives to fossil fuels as soon as possible is an important mission of mankind at present.latest company case about What is Sugarcane Plastic Tube ?  0

Bio-based ethanol have always been regarded as an effective alternative to fossil ethanol, not only as recycled materials, but also in the production process that can reduce the production of tons of carbon dioxide.

Bio-based sugarcane tube is developed to deal with the CO2 emission. There are so many different types of bio-based material such as grass, corn, or bamboo, however, none of those material have a better performance than sugarcane. The sugarcane ethanol Xinfly Packaging purchased is from Brazil. Brazil has the best natural condition to grow sugarcane, only a small portion (0.02%) of agricultural land is used for the sugarcane ethanol production in Brazil.

For many years hard working, Xinfly Packaging has developed sugarcane PE tube. Just like conventional fossil-based PE tube, sugarcane tube can use exactly same printing machine and injection machine to manufacture.

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