Application of cosmetic tube packaging in different kinds of cosmetics

The role of cosmetics is more and more refined, and more and more functional cosmetics are also available. The difference in grades is obvious and the packaging is eye-catching. The packaging of cosmetics classified according to style and function is also very different.

1. Solid cosmetic packaging. There are relatively few types of solid cosmetics, including eyebrow pencils, powder cases and various lipsticks. The packaging of this cosmetic is simple.

2. Solid particle cosmetic packaging. Such cosmetics mainly include granular products such as foundations and talcum powder. Commonly used packaging methods include carton boxes, composite cartons, glass bottles, metal boxes, plastic boxes, plastic bottles, composite film bags, cosmetic hoses, etc. In general, packaging containers should be carefully decorated and printed. At the same time, when plastic and metal containers were used for packaging, together with beautifully printed cardboard boxes to complement them.

3. Liquid packaging, emulsion packaging, cream packaging. Among all cosmetics, the type and quantity of such cosmetics are the largest, and the packaging forms are also very diverse, mainly including: cosmetic hoses of various shapes and specifications, plastic composite film bags, and glass bottles of various shapes and specifications. Regarding the above-mentioned packaging form, sometimes a method supporting a color printing carton is also adopted to form a cosmetics sales package together with the color printing carton, thereby improving the grade of the cosmetics.

4. Cosmetic spray packaging. Spray packaging has the advantages of accuracy, effectiveness, simplicity, hygiene, and can be customized according to needs. Commonly used in packaging of high-end cosmetics, and cosmetics that require quantitative use. Cosmetics such as hair and gel are commonly used in such packages. Commonly used spray packaging containers are mainly metal spray cans, cosmetic tube packaging, glass spray cans and plastic spray cans.

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