Brief history of application development of cosmetic tubes packaging

Brief history of application development of cosmetic tubes packaging

We use more Cosmetic tube packaging in our daily life, and everyone has seen the tubes packaging. Each type of tubes packaging has its own characteristics, such as light weight plastic tubes packaging, corrosion resistance and easy installation. Plastic tubes packaging is unlikely to be damaged during use, and it is usually used to divert water back. Medical Cosmetic tube packaging are more professional and hygienic. They not only have good performance, but also have good working environment requirements. The manufacture of medical Cosmetic tube packaging is commonly used in medical equipment. China’s tubes packaging market is relatively large.


In recent years, plastic Cosmetic tube packaging have developed very rapidly. Many companies will use plastic Cosmetic tube packaging instead of metal pipes, because the price is relatively favorable, and the actual application effect will not be much different.

In the past ten years, except for plastic Cosmetic tube packaging, the total growth rate of other materials has been less than 2%, but the growth rate of plastic Cosmetic tube packaging alone has reached 7%. After years of development, the economic growth rate is stable at about 4%, but the output value is still growing rapidly at a rate of 7% per year. From this data, plastic tubes packaging manufacturers know how big their development potential is.

Plastic Cosmetic tube packaging appeared in the 1970s and were widely used in engineering construction in the 1980s.

In the past 20 years, China’s plastic tubes packaging industry has made great progress, and has made great progress in terms of product specifications, product performance, and product quality. Especially in the current affluent life, a large number of beauty-loving women are increasingly favoring plastic Cosmetic tube packaging, and the demand for cosmetics has also greatly increased, which has also rapidly promoted the development and production of cosmetic Cosmetic tube packaging. At present, cosmetic Cosmetic tube packaging have made great breakthroughs in safety and practicability. For women, the popularity of cosmetic Cosmetic tube packaging has brought them huge benefits, saving more unnecessary expenses.

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