Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of tube packaging and self-adhesive labels

The main parts of the plastic tube include the tube shoulder, barrel and tail. The barrel part is usually decorated with direct printing or self-adhesive labels to carry text or pattern information and increase the value of product packaging. The decoration of the tube is mainly achieved through direct printing and self-adhesive labels. Direct printing, including screen printing and offset printing. Compared with direct printing, the advantages of self-adhesive labels are:

1. Printing diversity and stability: The traditional squeeze tube is first made into tubes, and then the printing process usually uses offset printing and screen printing. Self-adhesive printing can use a variety of combined printing processes such as letterpress printing, flexographic printing, and offset printing , Screen printing, bronzing, etc., make difficult color adhesion more stable and performance more stable.

2. Reduce inventory costs and risks: Customers’ demand for faster delivery times has prompted tube manufacturers to increase production efficiency. When printing directly, it is necessary to stock finished tubes, which leads to higher costs. The supply cycle of self-adhesive labels is shorter and printing technology only requires bare tube inventory, which can reduce the risk of out-of-stock. At the same time, the self-adhesive label on the tube packaging should meet the following conditions:

3. The high-strength extrusion characteristics of the tube require the label material to have excellent anti-extrusion performance; the tube label material is constantly pursuing uniqueness and good hand feeling. After the label is filled, the seal is deformed, and the tube label material is required to have better softness and stronger adhesion to ensure that the entire use process is smooth and beautiful;

4. The wide application of tubes has aroused people’s attention to weather resistance and label content resistance; tubes and labels need to withstand the severe challenges of practical applications. For example, the tube packaging of sunscreen products needs to pass strict tests for sun resistance, high temperature resistance, and high humidity use.

Post time: Apr-08-2021