Compatibility test of cosmetic tube materials

Compatibility of packaging materials broadly refers to

The compatibility of packaging materials broadly refers to the interaction between cosmetic tube and contents, including chemical compatibility, physical compatibility and biological compatibility.

1. Chemical incompatibility

Chemical incompatibility simply means that the chemical components in the package material react with some components in the contents, which shows that the appearance and smell of the package material or contents change.

2. Physical incompatibility

Physical incompatibility refers to the physical changes between cosmetic tube and its contents due to mutual influence, such as cracking, dissolution, adsorption, permeation and so on.

3. Biological incompatibility

Bioincompatibility refers to the migration of certain substances in plastic packaging of cosmetics into chemical products. For this judgment, the dissolution amount of harmful substances is directly used as the judgment basis. And this kind is strictly stipulated in the hygienic standard for chemical products.

Test method for compatibility of cosmetic packaging products

Generally, when the corresponding contents are put into a tube and placed in a constant temperature and humidity box at 40℃ and 75%RH for 4 weeks, the product shall not be discolored (including printed contents), and the ink/hot stamping layer/electroplating layer/spraying layer may fall off or melt. In case of special circumstances, special tests will be arranged.

Post time: Apr-28-2021