Detailed explanation of the standard of cosmetic tube packaging in terms of oxygen barrier

Detailed explanation of the standard of cosmetic tube packaging in terms of oxygen barrier

Cosmetic tube packaging is a container of cosmetic materials. The most important function of the tube is not to react with the material. The ingredients of cosmetics may cause bacteria to multiply and grow. In addition to its own factors, there are some factors that are affected by oxygen and moisture; it can be seen that oxygen is the most important factor in cosmetic deterioration. All cosmetic tube packaging needs to have very good oxygen and gas barrier properties (to prevent the fragrance molecules and active ingredients in the cosmetic materials from overflowing).

So what is the standard for the oxygen barrier performance of cosmetics?

According to national standards, the air permeability of multilayer tubes shall not exceed 10cm3 / (m224h0.1MPa).

It can be seen that in this standard, only the oxygen permeability of the cosmetic tube packaging material is specified, and the oxygen permeability of the entire tube body after the cosmetic tube packaging is made is not clearly specified. Doesn’t it require testing? The answer is no. Because the overall sealing performance of cosmetic packaging and the amount of oxygen transported through the tube directly affect the storage life of cosmetics and the changes in the original performance, it is an indicator that cosmetic tube packaging and packaging companies must pay attention to and control.

The quality of cosmetic tube packaging directly affects the health of human skin. In order to ensure the quality of cosmetics and the service life of materials, oxygen permeability testing is indispensable, not only to ensure the quality of cosmetic tube packaging, but also to provide end users with safety guarantees. Yangzhou Xinfei Plastic Co., Ltd. strictly abides by national standards, which is not only a guarantee for itself, but also a commitment and responsibility to customers.

Post time: Jul-30-2020