Detailed raw material characteristics of cosmetic tube

Cosmetic tube is not only simpler to print than other packaging materials, but also has the characteristics of high quality, strong durability, recycling, good elasticity, simple extrusion processing and strong adaptability.
Compared with aluminum-plastic composite tube, cosmetic tube uses economical and easy-to-recover all-element board, which reduces the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste.
Secondly, cosmetics tubes are made of colorless, bright, colorful and opaque colors, which can bring strong visual enjoyment to customers. Especially, the bright cosmetic tube can clearly see the color state of the contents, which greatly promotes the purchase of customers.
Other cosmetics tubes have good resilience. After extruding cosmetics, cosmetics tubes always adhere to beautiful and regular shapes in order to quickly restore their original shapes. This is very important for cosmetic packaging. Cosmetic tube combines raw materials with different properties and kinds. Cosmetic tube should be used to package rapidly consumed cosmetics with high requirements on appearance and low requirements on practical performance.

Post time: May-06-2021