Empty skin care bottles can be reused

●What can empty skin care bottles be used for?

Many skin care products in life have beautiful bottle designs. It is a pity to lose them after using up the skin care products. What else can these empty bottles be used for besides storing them?

●Packed washing powder, hand sanitizer










A slightly larger bottle can be used for washing powder, a 400ml bottle can hold a lot; in addition, some lotion bottles can also be used for hand sanitizer, which is small and beautiful.

●Essential oil

The essence bottle with glass dropper can be used to hold essential oils, and the design of the dropper also fits the purpose of essential oils.

●Multi-color bottles for DIY aromatherapy wax

Different series of face cream bottles of the same brand may only have different colors. If they are made of glass, they can be used for DIY aromatherapy candles. Prepare some essential oils, drop different kinds of essential oils into bottles of different colors, and then add melted white wax. A natural scented candle is ready.

●Empty compact box for single-color eyeshadow or blotting paper

Post time: May-27-2021