How to choose a more suitable cosmetic tube packaging?

How to choose a more suitable cosmetic tube packaging?

As a convenient and economical packaging material, cosmetic tube packaging has been widely used and promoted in the daily chemical industry. A good hose can not only protect the content of the product, but also improve the grade of the product, thereby winning more consumers for daily chemical companies. So, for daily chemical companies, how to choose high-quality plastic hoses to suit their products? We will introduce it from several important aspects.

The choice of material and quality is the key to ensuring the quality of the hose, which directly affects the processing and final use of the hose. The material of the plastic hose includes polyethylene, polypropylene, color masterbatch, barrier resin, ink, varnish, etc., so any choice of material will directly affect the quality of the hose. However, the choice of materials also depends on factors such as hygiene requirements, barrier properties, and chemical resistance.

Selection direction of cosmetic tube packaging:

Material barrier properties, material stiffness, chemical resistance, material weather resistance, varnish type and characteristics.

Tube head requirements:

1. The surface of the pipe body should be smooth and free of streaks, scratches, deformation and shrinkage. The pipe body should be straight and not bent. The thickness of the pipe wall should be uniform and the thickness tolerance should be small. The length and diameter of the pipe wall should be within the specified range. ;

2. The tube head of the hose is firmly connected with the tube body, the wiring is neat and beautiful, and the width is uniform.

3. The tube head and the tube cover are well matched, the screwing in and out is stable, there is no slippage within the specified torque range, and there is no leakage or air leakage between the tube and the tube cover; printing requirements: offset printing is generally used for rubber tube processing, and the most ink is used It is UV drying, which generally requires the ink to have strong adhesion and color resistance. The printing color is within the specified depth, the overprint position is accurate, the deviation is within 0.2 mm, and the font is complete and clear.

Plastic cover requirements: Plastic cover is generally made of polypropylene (PP) injection molding. A high-quality plastic cover must have no obvious shrinkage lines and sharp edges. The clamping line should be flat, accurate in size, stable with the pipe head, and free from structural damage such as brittleness during normal use. For example, when the opening force is within the range, the lid should be able to withstand more than 300 revolutions without breaking.

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