How to choose better cosmetic tube?

As a convenient and economical packaging material, cosmetic tube has been widely used in daily chemical industry. A good tube can not only protect the content, but also improve the product level, so as to win more consumers for daily chemical enterprises. So, for daily chemical enterprises, how to choose high-quality plastic tube to adapt to their products? We will introduce it from several important aspects.
Material selection and quality is the key to ensure the quality of tube, which directly affects the processing and final use of tube. The material of plastic tube includes polyethylene (pipe body, pipe head), polypropylene (pipe cover), color masterbatch, barrier resin, ink, varnish, etc., so the selection of any material will directly affect the quality of the tube. However, the choice of materials also depends on the hygiene requirements, barrier properties (oxygen resistance, water vapor resistance, fragrance preservation and other requirements), chemical resistance and other factors.
Pipe selection: first of all, the materials used should meet the relevant health standards, heavy metals, fluorescent agents and other harmful substances should be controlled within the specified range. For example, for tube exported to the United States, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) used should meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standard 21cfr117.1520.
Material barrier: the packaging materials of daily chemical enterprises contain oxygen sensitive products (such as some whitening cosmetics) or volatile products (such as essential oil or some corrosive chemicals such as oil, acid and salt). In this case, five layer coextrusion tube should be used. Because the oxygen permeability of five layer coextrusion pipe (PE adhesive resin EVOH adhesive resin PE) is 0.2-1.2 units, while that of ordinary PE single layer pipe is 150-300 units. In a certain period of time, the weight loss rate of coextrusion tube is dozens of times lower than that of single layer tube. In addition, EVOH is an ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer with excellent barrier and aroma retention (the thickness of 15-20 μ m is the best).
Material stiffness: daily chemical enterprises have different requirements for cosmetic tube stiffness, how to obtain the required stiffness? Low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene are commonly used in tube. High density polyethylene (HDPE) has better stiffness than low density polyethylene (LDPE), and the expected stiffness can be achieved by adjusting the proportion of HDPE to LDPE.
Chemical resistance: HDPE has better chemical resistance than LDPE.
Material weatherability: in order to control the short-term or long-term performance of the tube, the following factors need to be considered: appearance, pressure drop resistance, sealing strength, environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR value), fragrance and loss of active ingredients. Selection of Color Masterbatch: Color Masterbatch plays an important role in the quality control of the tube. Therefore, when selecting color masterbatch, users should consider whether the color masterbatch has good dispersibility, filterability, thermal stability, weatherability and product weatherability. The product durability of color masterbatch is particularly important in the use of tube. If the color masterbatch is not compatible with the installed product, the color of the color masterbatch will be transferred to the product, causing very serious consequences. Therefore, daily chemical enterprises should carry out stability test (accelerated test under specified conditions) on new products and tubes.
Types and characteristics of varnish: cosmetics tube varnish can be divided into ultraviolet linear and heat drying type, appearance can be divided into bright surface and fog surface. The varnish can not only provide beautiful visual effect, but also protect the contents, and has a certain barrier effect on oxygen, water vapor and fragrance. Generally speaking, the hot dry varnish has good adhesion to subsequent printing and screen printing, while the UV varnish has better gloss. Daily chemical enterprises can choose suitable varnish according to the characteristics of products. In addition, the cured varnish should have good adhesion, smooth surface, no pitting, bending resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and no discoloration during storage.
Requirements for pipe body and pipe head:
1。 The surface of the pipe body shall be smooth without stripes, scratches, strain and shrinkage deformation. The pipe body shall be straight without bending. The thickness of the pipe wall shall be uniform. The tolerance of the thickness, length and diameter of the pipe wall shall be within the specified range;
2。 The pipe head of the tube shall be firmly connected with the pipe body, the wiring shall be neat, beautiful and uniform in width, and the pipe head shall not be connected after it can be skewed during injection;
3。 The pipe head and the pipe cover match well, screw in and screw out smoothly, do not slip within the specified torque range, and do not leak water and air between the pipe and the pipe cover; Printing requirements: offset printing is generally used for tube processing, the ink used is mostly UV drying, which generally requires the ink to have strong adhesion and color resistance. The printing color is within the specified depth range, the overprint position is accurate, the deviation is within 0.2mm, and the font is complete and clear.
Plastic cover requirements: plastic cover is generally made of polypropylene (PP) injection molding. High quality plastic cover shall not have obvious shrinkage line and sharp edge. The clamping line shall be smooth, accurate in size, smooth in matching with the pipe head, and free from structural damage such as embrittlement during normal use. For example, when the opening force is within the range, the cover should be able to withstand more than 300 revolutions without breaking.
The author thinks that from the above aspects, most daily chemical enterprises should be able to choose high-quality cosmetic tube packaging products.

Post time: Apr-29-2021