How to disinfect the cosmetic tube

Cosmetic tube manufacturers share how to disinfect cosmetic tubes
Every girl has several cosmetics more or less. However, most cosmetics are packaged in tubes. Someone is about to ask, do cosmetic tubes that have been used for a long time need to be disinfected regularly. Next, the cosmetic tube manufacturer will tell you how to disinfect the cosmetic tube.
1. Can it be eliminated?
After the tube has been used for a period of time, it must be cleaned. If there are too many cosmetics, there will be a lot of residue in the tube. Some people are worried that there will be bacteria inside, so they will disinfect the cosmetic tube. In fact, after using it for a period of time, the tube can be sterilized or not. After all, the material inside the tube has a good seal and will not directly touch the outside world.
2. Disinfect with ultraviolet rays or sunlight
If you want to sterilize the cosmetics tube, you can use ultraviolet light to sterilize it. The tube can be disinfected by irradiating the tube with an ultraviolet lamp; you can also put the tube in an ultraviolet disinfection cabinet, and sterilize it with ultraviolet rays in the disinfection cabinet; you can also put the tube in the sun to dry, after all, the sun also has ultraviolet rays. Some people think of disinfecting with alcohol, but this operation is very difficult. Alcohol can be put into the tube for operation, which is not as convenient as UV disinfection.

Post time: Jun-29-2021