How to open the door of cosmetic tube packaging

In response to the ever-changing production needs of PBL all-plastic composite tube manufacturers, a new cap positioning technology has been developed. This technology can enable customers to expand from the competitive health care product tube packaging and toothpaste tube market to more attractive and image-requiring cosmetics and personal care product markets.

Traditionally, the packaging choice in the cosmetics market has been dominated by all-plastic extruded tubes. The extruded tube body, molded tube shoulder and high-quality printing work together to create an exquisite product image. However, technological development has gradually improved the production process of composite tubes, and narrowed the difference in quality between extruded tubes and composite tubes. Today, the appearance of the composite tube has reached a new height, and it has begun to fight for its place in the much-watched cosmetic packaging market.


As the most critical step in this development process, SAESA composite tube production equipment can position the flip cover according to the tube design to achieve a perfect appearance. The successful development of this new process provides tube suppliers and users with a new choice: without making too many concessions in tube quality, production costs can be significantly reduced, thereby effectively strengthening competitiveness .

Post time: Jul-02-2021