Performance requirements and testing of cosmetic tube packaging

Source: Section Indian media “printing technology” Author: Yu Guoxing, Sun Yongqing, Yang Lirong

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of the cosmetics consumer market, the cosmetic tube packaging industry has also developed rapidly, and the cosmetic tube packaging has shown a good trend of both production and sales. In the cosmetics industry, packaging quality is the second life of a product, and cosmetic manufacturers, operating companies and consumers are paying more and more attention to the performance and quality of cosmetic tube packaging.

Performance requirements for cosmetic tube packaging
The main components of cosmetics are oils and fats, water-soluble polymer compounds, surfactants, etc. In addition, solvent raw materials, flavors, fragrances, dyes, pigments, preservatives, and antioxidants are added. These ingredients determine the inherent characteristics of cosmetics, and at the same time put forward certain requirements for cosmetic tube packaging, mainly the following points.
1. exquisite appearance
In general, the body of the cosmetic tube package must be complete, stable, straight, smooth, and uniform in thickness. It must not have cold bursts, cracks, no obvious scars, deformation, etc .; the printed pattern must be complete without various printing defects; The inside and outside of the tube should be clean and free of attachments.
2. Functional protection
Undoubtedly, the primary function of cosmetic tube packaging is to protect cosmetics. Polar ingredients in cosmetics have certain penetration and corrosion effects on hoses (especially composite structured hoses), which will destroy the interlayer structure of the hose, thereby affecting the protective effect of the hose on cosmetics, and ultimately affecting cosmetics After the cosmetics are contaminated by microorganisms, they will deteriorate and mold, leading to product quality degradation, and moisture and oxygen are the main factors affecting the growth of microorganisms; unsaturated bonds in fats are easily oxidized, causing cosmetics to deteriorate; preservation of aromatic gases It is the focus of cosmetics packaging. For some cosmetics, the aroma gas itself is the real “product”. If the aroma gas is lost, the “product” that is sold will no longer exist.
It can be seen that anticorrosion, antioxidation, and prevention of odor loss are the focus of cosmetics preservation, and also important requirements for cosmetic tube packaging. Therefore, it is necessary to perform soaking test, barrier test and sealing test on the cosmetic tube package to meet the above requirements of the cosmetic.
3. Mechanical protection
The mechanical properties of cosmetic tube packaging play a very important role in the packaging processing, transportation, and shelf display of cosmetics. The quality of cosmetics will directly determine its safety in the circulation. Therefore, the mechanical properties of cosmetic tube packaging must be ensured to achieve good protection during circulation.


Test items for cosmetic tube packaging
1. Appearance inspection
For the appearance of cosmetic tube packages, inspection is mainly performed by visual inspection. It is required to have no apparent defects, and the printing color difference and overprint deviation are within the allowable range.
The printing method of cosmetic tube packaging is mostly screen printing or flexo printing. The detection of ink adhesion is necessary. The method is as follows.
(1) Thumb test method
Experimental conditions: 5PCS or more for experimental samples.
Experimental procedure: Take a sample, place your thumb on the printed pattern, and wipe it back and forth 15 times with a force of 3 + 0.5 / -0KGF.
Experimental judgement: The sample printed pattern must not have any nicks, broken lines, poor ink adhesion, etc. Otherwise, it will be regarded as unqualified.
(2) 810 tape test method
Experimental conditions: Experimental samples are 5PCS or more, 810 tape.
Experimental procedure: 810 tape is completely stuck on the silk screen print, and then the tape is quickly pulled up at a 45-degree angle, and the test is performed three times in a row.
Experimental judgement: The sample printed pattern must not be chipped or broken, otherwise it will be regarded as unqualified.
2.Immersion test
The immersion test is used to detect the anti-corrosion ability of the cosmetic tube packaging structure to the contents, and its performance directly affects the protective effect of the tube packaging on the cosmetics. The test method is: cut the tube body material into 20 pieces of 2.5cm × 2.5cm sample, soak it in a jar with cosmetics and seal it, and keep it at 45 ° C for 7 days, or keep it at 60 ° C for 3 days, Observe the sample for delamination. If delamination occurs, it indicates that the hose packaging structure is not suitable for packaging such cosmetics.
3. Barrier test
Barrier property refers to the barrier effect of packaging materials on the penetration of gases,

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