Plastic cosmetic tube has unlimited development potential in China

Plastic cosmetic tube has unlimited development potential in China

www.cosmetic-tubes.comCosmetic tubes are the most common in daily use of cosmetics and daily necessities. It is more convenient to use the tube in daily life, not only has excellent performance, but also has a certain protective effect on its working environment. The tube market in China is relatively large. However, when foreign companies flood into the Chinese market, Chinese companies face tremendous pressure. The cosmetic plastic tube industry is also facing tremendous pressure.

In foreign countries, many companies will use plastic tubes instead of metal pipes. First of all, the price is more favorable, and the effect will not be much different in actual applications. Therefore, in recent years, the development of plastic tubes is very rapid. In the past 10 years, except for plastic tubes, the total growth rate of other materials has not reached 2%, but the growth rate of plastic tubes alone has reached 7%, which is an amazing number. After years of development, the growth rate has stabilized at about 4%, but the output value is still growing rapidly at an annual rate of 7%. From these data, we can see how big its development potential is.

In China, since the 1970s, plastic tubes have appeared. In the 1980s, reform and opening up were realized and it was widely used in engineering construction. In the past 20 years, my country’s plastic tube industry has made great progress, not only in terms of quantity, product specifications, product performance, and product quality. By the end of 1999, there were more than 2,000 plastic tube manufacturers in China. With the introduction of advanced foreign equipment, my country’s plastic tube production capacity has reached 1.6 million tons, and the actual production capacity has exceeded 1 million tons. This is the market for plastic tubes, and the scale is still expanding.

tube has become very popular in China, and plastic tube has become an indispensable industrial product. Jiangsu Xinly packaging Co.,LTD  specializes in manufacturing industrial Cosmetic tubes and plastic tubes to ensure their quality and provide excellent services.

Post time: Aug-15-2020