Plastic Cosmetic Tubes For Eyebrow, Lip And Eye Products

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In short, all kinds of packaging and accessories for cosmetics and perfumery. In addition, all our products can be fully personalized for our clients, so neither size, quality nor design are an impediment. Ask us for what you need and we will be pleased.

Plastic Cosmetic Tubes For Eyebrow, Lip And Eye Products

At market, we have a wide range of manufacturers of plastic cosmetic packaging tube specialized in this material, making available a wide variety of models and designs of packaging made of plastic, a perfect material to preserve the properties of Plastic cosmetic tubes and great lightness.

Plastic is booming in the cosmetics sector, the advantages of using plastic packaging are based on characteristics such as that it is a recyclable, biodegradable and light material. Its weight ranges from 2 to 14 g, depending on the type of container used, making handling and transport very easy.

Advantages of Plastic packaging

Its size and conception facilitate the application of products of a certain density such as eye makeup, lipstick… offering a precise dosage. During use, its shape adapts to the content, thus avoiding all air pollution from the product and keeping the product in optimal qualities for a long period of time.

Among other advantages, we can highlight its barrier effect to agents such as light, air, water, bacteria, odors or UVA rays. Therefore, it is also suitable for eyebrow liners, eye-liners and lip gloss and other lip and eye makeup products.

Plastic Cosmetic tubes supplier are an economic product and the best container to protect the most demanding formulas, according to the requirements of sectors such as the pharmacy, cosmetics, food or chemical industry.

Plastic has been used as a container for aesthetic elements for a relatively short time, however, more and more makeup containers are made from this material. Resistance, lightness and conservation are the three main characteristics that define plastic Cosmetic tubes supplier.

It is the perfect solution to dispense formulas of any viscosity. And, unlike Cosmetic tubes supplier systems, which accumulate material, when using a piston that raises the content from the bottom of the container, almost all of the product is dispensed. If you want to make your own packaging design, we can also help you. Contact us and our manufacturers will design for you the packaging you need at an unbeatable price.

The cosmetic packaging tube creams and perfumes are part of the product today, so that in addition to being functional, they must have a design that makes the product stand out. At market, we combine design and utility with the latest diffusion systems made of materials that fully protect the content. If you need a characteristic and safe packaging, choose from all the possibilities in our catalog.

Post time: Aug-04-2020