Points for attention in the production of light proof nail extension tube

Jiangsu Xinfly Packaging Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of nail lengthening rubber tube factory, providing qualified and high-quality tube packaging for the first-class nail lengthening rubber factory.
Points for attention in the production of light proof nail lengthening glue tube packaging


1.Due to the chemical properties of nail lengthening glue, it can’t see light, especially ultraviolet light. Once you see the light, the nail glue will solidify. Therefore, there are strict requirements for the shading effect of nail glue tube. Jiangsu Xinfei Packaging Co., Ltd. adopts unique shading technology to ensure that each tube is 100% opaque. For the light shielding property of the tube, the company can deliver it to the nail glue manufacturer only after testing it.
2.Because nail glue see light solidification, and nail glue is thicker. The injection head part of our extended rubber tube shall not have burst head or false bag. Once there is a problem of head burst and false package, the glue will leak in the canning, which is very difficult to clean.
3.Nail glue extended rubber tube is often black, black tube electrostatic than other tube to much more, so it is easier to absorb dust. Jiangsu Xinfei Packaging Co., Ltd. will remove static electricity and dust for each tube.
Jiangsu Xinfei Packaging Co., Ltd. improves tube packaging for many nail glue factories. The company takes strict quality inspection requirements and the improvement of staff quality awareness as the top priority. Ensure that each tube qualified factory, to provide customers with convenient, assured products.



Post time: Apr-26-2021