Pre-press design considerations for cosmetic tube packaging

Pre-press design considerations for cosmetic tube packaging

There are many noteworthy details in the pre-press design process of cosmetic tube packaging. Plastic tube manufacturers are here to discuss the small text and line design considerations.

(1) Small text and lines should be designed as a single package to avoid inaccurate multi-color overprinting. The width of the thin line cannot be less than 0.1mm, otherwise it is easy to be lost or unclear strokes during printing. The clear height of Chinese fonts is not less than 1.8mm, and the clear height of English fonts is not less than 1.5mm.

(2) Special attention should be paid when designing the reversed text. If the text is small, especially when the strokes are thin, use a single color. Also pay attention to the choice of fonts. Round-headed, bold, and equal- line fonts are the best choices, while fonts that have too much difference in strokes, such as Times New Roman, Old Times New Roman (horizontal thin and vertical thick), should be used with caution. Hardener tube If this type of font is used in the design, it should be noted that the net height of Chinese fonts is not less than 2.5mm, and that of English fonts is not less than 2mm.

the reason:

(1) The viscosity of the ink printed later is too high compared to the ink printed first.

(2) The first printing ink sets slowly and the ink volume is large.

(3) The color intensity balance of the four-color ink is inappropriate.


(1) Use high-viscosity inks to print first, and low-viscosity inks to print later. The ideal viscosity requirement for cosmetic plastic tubes should be gradually reduced in the order of overprinting colors.

(2) Use fast-fixing ink to print, and print thinner with high density, and print first with small pattern area to facilitate subsequent overprinting.

(3) The color intensity of any set of wet multi-color overprinting inks is balanced. The same amount of ink can be used for overprinting. If it is not the same set of inks for printing together, it should be handled properly when used .

Post time: Apr-14-2021