Talking about the application of medical silicone tube in medicine

Medical silicone tube is a silicone tube for medical treatment and nursing, which requires pure texture, as little influence on human tissues as possible, and no substances that affect the performance of drugs due to migration. Medical silicone tubes will come into contact with various drugs, human tissues and biological organisms, and are often disinfected under high temperature and high pressure conditions or in various organic disinfectants; Some need to be stored at low temperature for a long time, which requires strict stability of physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties of silica gel materials. Medical silicone tube is characterized by good biocompatibility, good air permeability or selective air permeability, weather aging resistance and excellent disinfection resistance.
Biocompatibility describes the interaction between biomedical materials and organisms, and is an essential condition for medical materials, including blood compatibility, histocompatibility and biodegradability. It can change the way of drug absorption, control the speed and location of drug release, and meet the requirements of disease treatment; Nontoxic means chemically inert, which means that the material itself is harmless and does not produce harmful substances.

In addition, it should have biological aging resistance, physical and mechanical stability, easy processing and molding, easily available materials, appropriate price and convenient disinfection and sterilization; And it is necessary to prevent the introduction of substances harmful to human body during the production and processing of medical polymer materials. Before the medical polymer materials enter the clinical application, the physical and mechanical properties of the materials and the mutual adaptability between the materials and organisms or human bodies must be evaluated, and only after passing the evaluation can they be approved by the national administrative department for clinical use.
In the application of medical devices, silicone tube is placed in a certain part of the human body as a catheter for a short time, and is an important auxiliary material and means for rescuing and treating various cases; Such as static intubation for fluid replacement for patients with hepatic insufficiency and burn, and primary articles such as urinary catheter, infusion tube, pressure relief tube, thoracic drainage tube, otitis media ventilation tube, gastric lavage tube and enemator. It can also be used as the suction head of fetal aspirator. Medical silicone tubes are used in many medical fields. The development trend of medical silicone tubes for human body is micro-sized, thin-walled, multi-cavity, and one tube can be used for multiple purposes, such as sampling detection, lavage and infusion.
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Post time: Jul-20-2021