The cosmetic tube factory tells you: Can 100g of facial cleanser be brought on board?

The cosmetic tube factory tells you: you can bring.

Can carry up to 100ml (3.4 ounces) of liquids, gels and sprays on board. However, please note that if you use a 150ml lotion with only 50ml of liquid remaining, you cannot take it on the plane. Cosmetic tube packaging needs to be less than or equal to 100 ml. You can only check if it exceeds 100ML. Carry-on or checked baggage

(1) Carry items with restricted conditions but can be checked as luggage
nintchdbpict0003119041921. When passengers travel on international or regional flights, liquid items should be carried in containers with a volume of not more than 100 mL in a single container. At the same time, containers containing liquid items should be placed in a transparent container with a maximum volume of no more than 1L. In a plastic bag, each passenger is allowed to carry only one transparent plastic bag at a time, and the excess should be checked as luggage;

2. Passengers are not allowed to carry liquid items with them on domestic flights (except cosmetics, toothpaste and shaving cream for personal use during air travel). Cosmetics for personal use during air travel must meet three conditions (limited to one for each type, stored in a container with a single container volume not exceeding 100 mL, and subject to bottle inspection) before being carried with you. Toothpaste and shaving cream One species is limited and must not exceed 100g (mL).

When a passenger transits an international or regional flight to a domestic flight in the same airport control area, the tax-free liquid items that he or she carries must meet three conditions (showing a shopping voucher, placing it in a sealed and intact transparent plastic bag, (Confirmed by security inspection) before you can carry it with you. If you leave the airport control area during the transfer to a domestic flight, you must check-in the tax-free liquid items you carry with you as luggage;

3. Liquid dairy products necessary for infants during air travel, liquid medicines necessary for patients with diabetes or other diseases during air travel, may be carried with them after confirmation by safety inspection;

4. Liquid items purchased or obtained by passengers in the airport control area or aircraft can be carried with them before leaving the airport control area.

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