The daily chemical packaging structure of flexible packaging seems to have more vitality

As a popular one in the industry, the daily chemical packaging structure of flexible packaging seems to be more dynamic, because it takes a long time to change the daily chemical packaging. The following are some changed or changing packaging structures of daily chemicals.

The packing box can be opened in many ways, which makes the operation more convenient. Compared with the past, the present packaging box will use some gadgets as switches, just like the zippers of some vertical bags, so it is only necessary to unscrew the packaging bag instead of tearing it apart. Great progress has also been made in the packaging machinery of daily chemicals. With the increase of functions, it can provide one-stop service from filling to packaging in a short time.

Transparent high barrier film. The barrier properties of new generation transparent films and coatings in daily chemical packaging are close to those of metal foils and aluminized films. Daily chemical packaging provides an opportunity to show, so that people can intuitively see those very appetizing foods. This packaging structure is also convenient for food to be heated in microwave oven.

Packaging of new products. After years of development, it is generally believed that flexible packaging will sweep all products. Typical examples are tuna and pet food. After decades of canning, aseptic packaging and daily chemical packaging became popular. Baby food glass bottles have also been replaced by aseptic packaging bags.

Since putting ketchup in a big elastic vertical bag is nothing new, it is not far away to pack other condiments in small bags. The success of trial sale in Europe, Asia and Latin America proves that this is a miracle. The new daily chemical packaging of shampoo and laundry detergent is introduced at the right time, as is canned fruit.

The global grain flexible packaging industry is progressing slowly. Whether in the low-end or mid-end market, soft daily chemical packaging has entered the sight of cereal manufacturers. However, experts admit that if it is changed into flexible packaging in a short time, manufacturers will invest a lot of money in packaging machinery. Moreover, although renewable resources have many advantages, it is unlikely that soft daily chemical packaging materials will be directly replaced by recycled cardboard. Mainly because soft daily chemical packaging does not mean that consumers all over the country will accept it, especially Americans.

There will be more layers in the process of compound extrusion. Hearing this, I think this statement is wrong. In fact, adding layers to the soft daily chemical packaging structure can save costs and improve performance. What is going on here? Packaging of daily chemicals needs more accurate control of layers. 3-5 film composite extrusion line is limited by the size of extruder and die design. The 7-9 layer composite extrusion line can produce better and thicker flexible packaging materials, and the cost will be lower because there is no need to design the structure. One is to use cheaper resin as expansion layer. The other is to divide the moisture-proof layer into two thinner layers, and keep one layer to prevent pinhole from connecting with other layers. This method will also increase the number of moisture-proof surfaces, thus further reducing the permeability. There are many technologies for dividing moisture-proof materials into multiple layers, and the data show that the waterproof performance is linearly improved.

Post time: Jul-23-2021