The performance and advantages of PE plastic tube packaging

The performance and advantages of PE plastic tube packaging: thin top molding, thin top lettering, shoulder embossing, multiple internal spraying, color printing and other technologies. Our company’s PE plastic tube packaging products are safe, hygienic, corrosion-resistant, beautiful in appearance, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. PE plastic tube packaging is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical, food and other industries.

There are many kinds of PE plastic tube packaging, especially female cosmetics. With the increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, various cosmetic tubes and cosmetics companies are striving to expand the sales share of their products, and have made great efforts in the packaging and promotion of cosmetics.

The functions and functions of PE plastic tube packaging are becoming more and more refined. There are more and more full-featured cosmetics, with obvious differences in grades and dazzling packaging. At the same time, in order to better promote their products, each business has its own cosmetics. Different classification and packaging are suitable for their own characteristics.

PE plastic tube packaging has many names and different functions, but according to its shape and packaging adaptability, there are mainly the following categories: solid cosmetics, solid particle (powder) cosmetics, liquid and emulsion cosmetics, paste cosmetics, etc.

1. PE plastic tube packaging eliminates part of the air (oxygen) in the packaging container, which can effectively prevent food from spoiling.

2. PE plastic tube packaging uses excellent barrier properties (air tightness), sealing technology and strict packaging materials, which can effectively prevent the exchange of substances in the package, avoid food weight loss and taste loss, and prevent secondary pollution.

3. The gas in the PE plastic tube packaging container has been discharged, which accelerates the heat transfer, can improve the efficiency of heat sterilization, and avoid the expansion of the gas during the heat sterilization process that causes the packaging container to rupture.

In the food industry, PE plastic tube packaging is widely used, such as chicken legs, ham, sausages, etc.; cosmetic tubes are increasingly used in pickles, soy products, preserved fruits and other pickled products. The food shelf life of PE plastic tube packaging greatly extends the food shelf life.

Post time: Jul-07-2021