Three main forms and development potential of tube packaging

The market development of capped cosmetics flexible packaging can make the packaging have the advantages of both a bottle and a bag by welding a sealing lid on the cosmetics flexible packaging.

There are three main forms of industrial tube packaging:

1. Welding at an oblique angle is currently a popular method in the European market. Cosmetic tube manufacturers have the characteristics of convenient dumping, facilitating filling, and good-looking shelf placement. They are generally used for supplementary packaging of more than 300 ml.

2. Welding on the top is more popular in Japan. It is generally used for products in small packages below 100ml.

3. Welding on a flat surface is very common in the United States. It is mainly used for large-volume industrial product packaging. There are usually cartons outside.

In terms of functions, the capped flexible packaging used by cosmetic tube manufacturers on cosmetic products can be divided into refills and packaging. Refilling refers to the packaging that uses bottle packaging as the use packaging, and uses the capped flexible packaging as the packaging for secondary or multiple replenishment of the contents.

The back packaging refers to: there is no other packaging used, and the flexible packaging with a cover is the packaging used by consumers. The third type is mainly used for industrial products, and it will take some time for my country’s industrial enterprises to update their technology and concepts, so there will be no obvious market development in the short term; however, the first two packaging methods are due to the efforts of several large companies. Promotion has already performed well in the market. It is believed that with the improvement of domestic bag-making welding technology, cosmetic tube manufacturers will have great market potential.

tube packaging has certain limitations, but it does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Any packaging is perfecting itself in step-by-step changes. I believe that the tube packaging industry can go further.

Post time: Apr-15-2021