What are the requirements for boys and girls to choose facial cleanser — a facial cleanser hose production expert answers for you

The function of facial cleanser is to clean facial skin safely and effectively. Basic skin care is the same for both men and women.
No matter men or women, any skin type should choose weak acid (ph5.8-6.3) cleansing factor facial cleanser rich in amino acids. Such facial cleanser not only cleans the skin, but also will not hurt the skin. It is very suitable for the skin in weak acid environment. For example, SKII and Japan’s first herb, three Na Okinawa seaweed cleansing gel, as well as silk jelding Concealer amino acid cleansing cream, are all attributed to this kind of product. After use, the face is soft and comfortable. I feel the cells breathing freely.

Alkaline facial cleanser can also wash very clean, but the skin is tight after use, which will cause serious damage to the skin. Long term use will lead to thinning, dryness, oil madness, large pores and even sensitive skin.
Many facial cleansers are alkaline, which is very harmful to the skin. Some people even have more dry peeling and acne on their face after washing. This situation has been improved by changing into weak acid amino acid facial cleanser

Post time: Jul-26-2021