Who is more popular in the inventory of “high beauty” cosmetics packaging

For young consumer groups, sometimes they love cosmetics packaging more than cosmetics themselves. Many “hand choppers” often buy products they don’t need for a good-looking bottle. How brands make their products stand out on shelves and counters may be inspired by the following “high face value” cosmetics packaging.
Laduree Tully blush.
The brand-new French skin care brand “merede lave dulle” and “lave dulle” were launched in the world. Its blush broke away from the conventional box pie design. Once the petal shape was put on the market, it was regarded as “the artwork to be collected” by the makeup lovers.
In addition to petal blush, Tully’s 2015 summer limited blush packaging is also striking. The four series of products are represented by fire signs, Earth signs, wind signs and water signs. The blush is made up of three colors.
OS disposable cosmetics
Designers Wang Tzu Chi and Tsai Ning an invented a set of disposable cosmetics called OS in order to solve the problems caused by bottles and cans. The essence of the packaging of this set of cosmetics is that each of them is condensed into a piece of paper, including 7 single products: eye shadow, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, foundation, blush, paste and lip gloss, each of which has a variety of colors.
Edie’s house Ballet Series
Ignited the girl’s dream in women’s hearts. The design of this limited series of makeup integrates the concept of “ballet” and carries the “girl” to the end. Its packaging design takes ballet skirt and lace as elements, coupled with the painting of canopy skirt design, which makes some girls shout “resistance collapses in an instant!”
Clinique crayon small fat series
Clinique’s crayon little fat series has two products, lip gloss and eye shadow. The Eyeshadow has been rid of the common box design from the design, but it has made crayons. The design of the crayons is similar to that of the crayons, so that the color of the eye shadow is both saturated and halo. Lip gloss is also used as a crayon pen. It can be used as lip gloss and blush.
One heart hall shop mask, SNP animal mask
The competition between mask brands has always been a breakthrough for film, paper and essence. With the introduction of the Japanese brand shop, the Korean SNP and so on, the brand design mask has been introduced as a fashion trend by young people, and even become a frequent visitor in reality TV shows. The facial mask is no longer a traditional white or black, but a cute animal, cartoon and Facebook. For the post-90s, the facial mask is no longer just a skin care act. It is also an interesting way to “mask face” Po Internet.

Post time: Jul-28-2021