Why cosmetic plastic tubes are becoming more and more popular in the medical industry

With the continuous development and innovation of the pharmaceutical industry, the application of cosmetic plastic tubes in the pharmaceutical industry has also begun to develop. Since the pharmaceutical industry is a relatively special industry, China has stricter requirements on packaging technology. Both packaging materials and packaging parameters are quite strict and express regulations.

Cosmetic plastic tube packaging occupies most of the market in the plastic packaging industry, followed by glass bottles, then paper and aluminum cans. The main reason why cosmetic plastic tubes can gain a foothold in the packaging industry lies not only in their low cost, but also in transportation. The transportation process of plastic bottles is more convenient, and the quantity that can be transported at one time is relatively large. The circulation between regions is better than the circulation of glass bottles.

In addition, plastic tubes have high plasticity. Among various packaging products, plastic bottles can be replaced according to different packaging characteristics. Especially when companies need to highlight their corporate cultural connotations on plastic bottles, or in terms of portability requirements, plastic bottles can meet the requirements.

As the market share of medical plastic bottles is increasing, the advantages of medical plastic bottles are obvious, so the development prospects of medical plastic bottles are bright. According to incomplete statistics, the global pharmaceutical industry has considerable demand for plastic bottle packaging. Therefore, cosmetic plastic tubes are developing rapidly in the pharmaceutical industry.

However, instead of the cosmetics industry, the medical industry has higher and higher performance requirements for plastic bottles. Plastic bottles must meet relevant national standards. Otherwise, it will pose a certain threat to our body. When we choose a plastic bottle, we also need to consider its durability and have a more comprehensive understanding of its materials and raw materials.


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