Why does cosmetic tube become an indispensable packaging material?

Why does cosmetic tube become an indispensable packaging material?

Cosmetic tube has the advantages of convenient use, economy and hygiene, and has become one of the main varieties of cosmetics, medicine, and food packaging. In recent years, China has introduced a large number of advanced composite tube production equipment from Europe, the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other provinces, and the development momentum is very strong. Multi-layer, thin-wall, transparent plastic composite tube is the future development trend.

Why does cosmetic tube become an indispensable packaging material?

Whether it is cosmetics, medicines or food, packaging must first consider hygienic performance, followed by mechanical strength, as well as barrier properties, printing properties and chemical resistance. Of course, you must also consider economy and ease of use.

Compared with other product packaging, cosmetic packaging requires higher water and oxygen barrier requirements. On the one hand, fat containing moisture may breed mold and other microorganisms, and oxidation, fat hydrolysis, and oxidation of fatty acids and glycerin may also occur. Therefore, increasing the moisture content in fat will cause fat hydrolysis on the one hand, and accelerate the auto-oxidation reaction of fat on the other hand, provide a living environment for microorganisms, and reduce the activity of certain antioxidants such as polyamines. In addition, some powdered products must prevent the absorption of moisture and cause caking, hardening and deterioration, so many cosmetic packaging needs to block the entry of moisture; on the other hand, some water-containing products are used to clean the skin, so they must Maintain a certain moisture content within a period of time, so it is necessary to prevent moisture loss. Oxygen is the most important factor causing cosmetic rancidity. Most cosmetics contain oily ingredients. Unsaturated bonds in oils are easily oxidized, leading to deterioration and rancidity. As long as a small part of the unsaturated fat starts to oxidize, the fat will be completely rancid and the product quality will decrease. Therefore, in the production, storage and use of cosmetics, we must try to avoid fatty acid failure and prevent the entry of oxygen.

In summary, plastic tube has advantages that other materials cannot match. Therefore, plastic tubes have appeared in cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging. At present, it has become an indispensable form of packaging for cosmetics and medicines.

Post time: Jul-31-2020