Why test the oxygen barrier performance of cosmetic tubes?

At present, the cosmetics packaging on the market can be described as diverse, only plastic materials are plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic bags, plastic tubes and other types. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of cosmetics, cosmetic plastic tube packaging has developed rapidly due to the advantages of less raw materials and low cost. It has occupied the mainstream of the cosmetics packaging market and is mainly used in cleansing products, skin care products and beauty salon products. .

A1575728699830599t present, plastic tubes commonly used in cosmetics packaging mainly include aluminum-plastic composite tubes, all-plastic composite tubes and plastic co-extruded tubes, which can meet the various needs of cosmetic packaging. Undoubtedly, the primary function of cosmetic packaging is to protect the contents. The main ingredients of cosmetics are oils and fats, water-soluble polymer compounds, and surfactants. As we all know, glycerin, protein, etc. are the material basis for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, while oxygen and water are the factors that affect the growth of microorganisms; the unsaturated bonds in fats are easily oxidized and cause rancidity and deterioration, and produce peroxides, acids, and aldehydes And other irritating substances, and emit rancid odor. It can be seen that oxygen is the most important factor causing cosmetic deterioration. Therefore, cosmetic tubes packagings need to have excellent gas barrier properties, which can effectively prevent the penetration of oxygen and odorous gases, and at the same time prevent the contents of fragrance and effective ingredients from oozing out. The standard “GB / T 29336-2012 Cosmetics Coextruded Multilayer Composite tubes” clearly stipulates that the oxygen permeability of the tubes is tested in accordance with the “GB / T1038 Plastic Film and Sheet Gas Permeability Test Method for Differential Pressure Method” It is stipulated that the oxygen permeability of the multilayer pipe shall not exceed 10cm3 / (m2 · 24h · 0.1MPa).

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It can be seen that in this standard, only the detection of the oxygen permeability of the sheet is specified, and the oxygen permeability of the entire pipe body is not clearly specified after the tubes is made. Doesn’t it need to be tested? The answer is no. Because the overall sealing performance of cosmetic packaging and the amount of oxygen transmitted through the tube directly affect the storage life of the cosmetic and changes in its original properties, it is an indicator that relevant companies must pay attention to and control. The standard “GB / T 31354-2014 Test Method for Oxygen Permeability of Packages and Containers, Coulomb Test” published by China on December 31, 2014 and implemented on March 2, 2015, introduces the use of Coulomb sensors to determine drying. Standard Test Method for Oxygen Transmission of Packages.

The brief introduction is as follows: firstly, the pipe body to be tested is fixed to the test fixture with a sealant, and after a certain period of time, the sealed sample is fixed to the testing equipment. The air inside the pipe body is slowly purged with a nitrogen flow, and the outer surface of the pipe is in an environment with a known oxygen concentration, that is, an indoor environment with an oxygen content of 20.8% or an environment with an oxygen content of 100%. Oxygen penetrates the pipe into the nitrogen carrier gas, and is carried to the Coulomb power sensor along with the nitrogen carrier gas. The oxygen passing through the sensor generates a current, which is proportional to the amount of oxygen carried to the power sensor per unit time. From this, the overall tube’s oxygen transmission rate can be obtained, which can better determine the shelf life of the product.

Cosmetics are in direct contact with human skin, and their quality will directly affect human health. In order to ensure product quality and service life, and ensure the second life of the product, it is very important to detect the oxygen permeability of the tubes sheet and the formed pipe body.




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