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what is PCR?

April 16, 2024

Latest company case about what is PCR?

The PCR material is made by our used container like milk bottle, and the recycled company will gather these milk bottles and then send to the remanufacturer. These recycled materials need to be sorting, cleansing, and remanufacturing into the resin pellets.




Why Using PCR Material?

latest company case about what is PCR?  0


Green resources and recycling economy are major issues in today's society, and all countries in the world are now setting policies in the direction of plastic reduction. XINFLY distribute ourselves in developing environmental friendly materials and apply it on cosmetic tubes and skincare markets, this way, we can decline the usage of virgin plastic resin. Recently, the eco-friendly material accepted by most European and American markets is PCR (post-consumer recycling).


XINFLY currently can apply PCR to tube body on both mono layer and multi-layers tube according to the percentages requested by our clients. In order to eliminate doubts about the use of new materials in tube packaging, we suggest clients using multi-layers tube. By putting PCR in the middle layers of the tube, we can be sure that the PCR material does not contaminate and effect both the cosmetic formula nor the decoration on the appearance.


What can I do with PCR plastic in Cosmetic Tubes?

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